Whenever you're having trouble
with something technical and you wish, you just
you still knew that guy back in high school
with the taped glasses and the high-water pants...

We're that guy.

And if you call us up, we'll come over and fix your problem.

Here are just a few of the things we're good at.
If you don't see what you need, ask, and we'll let you know.
Or we'll find someone for you who can do it!

Broadband Internet access
Sometimes the internet provider just isn't as helpful as they could be. We can bridge that gap for you. We and your tech-support nerds speak the same tongue.
Web services
Think it'd be neat to have your very own website? We can build you a site and arrange all the domain name and hosting services for you. Piece a' cake!

Computer systems
We can build you a custom system, configure it with the software you need, and bring it to your door ready to go. Windows or Macintosh, and coming soon, Linux!

In-home networks
Link the kids' machine, the laptop in your office and that iMac in the kitchen. You can even share a cable or DSL Internet connection!

Yep, we'll set the clock on your VCR. We'll even teach you how to set the timer to record something while you're out! And we'll hook up that confounded DVD player too.

Surround sound and home theater are wonderful things to have. Let us take away the headaches of setting up your system properly.

So... wha'dya waitin' for?

Email this_is_not_valid@youneedageek.com now!

(Later on we're going to list phone numbers. 'Til then
please feel free to email us with any questions you might have. Thanks!)